Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Upon successful completion of this program, prospective teachers will be able to:

PO 1. Recognize the aims, structure and functions of the national education system,

PO 2.  Communicate effectively with school directors, parents, colleagues, other related institutions and non-governmental organizations which will contribute to students’ personal, psychological, ethical, social and cultural developments,

PO 3. Appraise learning a foreign language, cultural interaction and professional development,

PO 4.  Demonstrate innovative professional and ethical responsibility in educational applications,

PO 5.  Develop basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in foreign languages,

PO 6. Have the knowledge of language components and language acquisition,

PO 7. Have the ability of independent behavior taking the initiative and creativity in the educational applications,

PO 8. Follow the information and data from public, private and media sources for the students’ physical, cognitive, affective and social developments.

PO 9. Have the knowledge of basic theories, principles and methods in the subject fields.

PO 10. Apply basic theories, principles and methods of teaching English as a foreign language.