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Note: Our registered students will have to fill out the documents related to their status in the printed documents link, which should be filled according to their status, not by hand, but in a word environment, printed out and signed and submitted to the Secretariat of Çağ University Institute of Social Sciences. Manually filled documents will not be processed.


Note: After renewing the semester registrations and passing the thesis, the students whose thesis is completed in the thesis program and who are going to take the 1st Thesis defense exam are required to prepare the necessary correspondence related to the thesis exams, work and procedures and prepare the relevant units for the thesis defense exam. The entry documents for the “1.Thesis defense exam uygun in accordance with their current situation in Article-10, Article-11 / a, Article-11 / b must be issued. However, since the defense exams of the 1st Thesis will be required to be held before the end of each renewed period, the exam dates to be formed when the end of this period is taken into consideration, the date of delivery of the exam and the date of the exam will be 25 days at the latest and the jury names will be determined. After completing, filling, signing and approving, theses should be submitted to the Secretariat of Çağ University Institute of Social Sciences by hand with book-printed outputs. Within this scope, the documents which will be required by the thesis advisors for the students who have renewed their registrations and whose thesis has been completed and who are eligible for the 1st thesis defense exams are also included in the printed documents link Article-10, Article-11 / a, Article-11 / b It is located in. 1.These defense exams of the students who are determined to be less than 25 days between the date of document issuance and the date of the exam and submit their documents will not be held. It is announced to the concerned.