ESNÇAĞ 2018-2019


Celebrating the Women's Day with ESNÇAĞ


A SocialErasmus activity with our two Romanian Incoming students


ESNÇAĞ members


An activity of ESNÇAĞ with the International students


We hosted the Consul General of Sweden at Çağ University


Speaking Club with the Incoming students


The premiere night of NP33 ,hosted by ESNÇAĞ


The Board Members of ESNÇAĞ at the premiere night of NP33 in Mersin


A Picnic at the campus


We hosted two Chnese colleagues from Fudan University / China


A new partnership with Fudan University


We hosted a colleaguefrom the University of Santiago De Compestela


The Consul General of Sweden Mrs. Hyden and Prof. Dr. Ali Engin Oba


A colleague from South-West University / Bulgaria had a lecture with our Law Faculty students


A visit to a partner university in Spain


We hosted some German colleagues from Kehl


A visit to DHBW Mannheim by our Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
A Monitoring visit to our Outgoing students in Germany
A visit to thr Rector of the University of Applied Sciences Kehl
A meeting of ESNÇAĞ with their coordinator


A Seminar was held at Çağ High School by our Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
At the premiere night of NP33 Spring /2018 The president of ESNÇAĞ 2018 and 2017 with the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
Welcome party for our Incoming students at the campus


International Day at our campus
Speaking club with our Incoming students
A picnic with ESNÇAĞ
Some of our Incoming students
We hosted Champions Factory from Bulgaria
An ExchangeAbility project with our Incoming students
ESNÇAĞ was awarded by ESNTURKEY for their successful SocialErasmus project
An ExchageAbility project by ESNÇAĞ