School of Foreign Languages

Pearson Assured Accreditation

     Çağ University School of Foreign Languages ​​was given the status of PEARSON ASSURED as a result of intensive studies and inspections that lasted for about a year and applied by auditors from England.

     PEARSON ASSURED is an education quality and evaluation organization operating in more than a hundred countries around the world and recognized all over the world.

     During this process, our School of Foreign Languages ​​was audited in terms of management, organization, physical capacity, facilities provided to students, quality of education, planning and execution, supply and adequacy of instructors, accuracy and accessibility of records, and testing & evaluation criteria.

     With the status of PEARSON ASSURED, English language education given at Çağ University School of Foreign Languages ​​has been proven and accredited to be of international standard and quality.

     This ACCREDITATION is a reference for both our university and our students. Our students are entitled to receive the worldwide recognized PEARSON ASSURED certificate, which shows that Çağ University English Preparatory Education, which they have successfully completed, is a program accredited by PEARSON ASSURED and thus quality assurance is provided.