Çukurova Mediterranean Internship Consortium

ÇukurovaMED INTERNSHIP CONSORTIUM aims to actualize Internship activity with the support of regional universities and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce members.

Partners of the consortium :

  • Çağ University

  • Çukurova University

  • K.Sütçü İmam University

  • Mersin University

  • Osmaniye Korkut Ata University

  • Adana Chamber of Industry

  • Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

One of the generally accepted concepts all over the world is towards creating a regional power. Eastern Mediterranean region is an important region with such potential in the areas of Education and industry Key issues considered in the selection of partners; the partners have acquired many years of experience in the fields of training, technology, and industry. This Consortium will provide educational institutions and industry associations to come together by combining the national and international experiences of the existing universities and companies.