Information for Your Safety

Please always carry your university identity card on campus.
Show your identity card to the staff in charge when it is asked on campus.
If you come to university by your private car, request ‘Sticker’ (vehicle identification plate) from the security management.
If you have a visitor with you who is not a student of Çağ University, please inform security personnel and register.
Obey the traffic rules on and outside the campus.
Park your car in the parking lots.
As leaving from the university, please follow the instructions given by personnel in charge.
Cross D-400 highway in security at pedestrian crossing.
When you find a lost property (money, purse, phone etc.), deliver it to the security personnel immediately.
Do not bring gun, cutlery, inflammable and explosive materials to campus.
Obey the rules that had been established for your own security.
Inform the security management about all kinds of security issues anytime you need to.