Dear Erasmus Incoming Student;

 If you intend to study at Çağ University, you should check with your Coordinator at your home university if our universities have an inter-institutional agreement. If not, you can suggest the implementation of an inter-institutional agreement. If they are willing to cooperate, we will establish an inter-institutional agreement and after the existence of this agreement, you can proceed to the next step.

Check the course catalog on our website, you will use those courses to fill in your  Learning Agreement.

Fill in the Application Form  and the Learning Agreement

Send Your Erasmus+ Student Application Form and Learning Agreement via email to 

On arrival, you will acquire a Student Card provided by Cag University Students’ Affairs Office.

If you want to change your LA on arrival, you should contact the Erasmus+Faculty Coordinators of both of the universities.


After you have completed your study programme, a Transcript of Records will be handed out by the Faculty and the ECTS for the subjects mentioned in the learning agreement will be integrated into your curriculum at your home institution.

This transcript is sent to your home University and to your private email after the deadline for grade presentation.​

Please keep in mind that, each incoming student from Europe in the frame of KA103 Project who chooses Cag University to study for one or two semesters, gets 80 euros per month from us as financial support and the transportation from/to the university is free as well as the lunch at the campus cafeteria.