Dear Incoming students,

First of all, you should contact your Local Erasmus+ Coordinator at your Home University if  you intend to study at Çağ University.

*Check with your Coordinator at your home university if our universities have an  inter- institutional agreement between them. After this, discuss your application with her/him. If there isn´t an  inter- institutional agreement between our universities but you are interested in studying with us write to the Erasmus+ Coordinator of our University and suggest the implementation of an inter- institutional agreement. If they are willing to cooperate we will establish an  inter- institutional agreement and after the existence of this agreement you can proceed to the next step.

*Check the Courses  at our University.  You can find the list of subjects available at our University if you have a look at COURSE CATALOGUE part. You will use them to fill in the Learning Agreement. The learning agreement includes all course units you are planning to follow at our university.

*Fill in the Application Form and the Learning Agreement

*Send Your Erasmus+ Student Application Form and Learning Agreement to

*The completed application form and learning agreement should be signed and stamped by your local Erasmus+ Office and sent to our University by scanned mail.

*Enrol at Your Home University

Before you leave your home country make sure you are officially enrolled at your home University.

*Check Insurance Information

Contact your home University Erasmus+ Office in order to check what has to be done concerning health insurance.

  • Once you arrive ,Contact Erasmus+ Office at Çağ University

Çağ University

Yaşar Bayboğan Kampüsü. Adana – Mersin Yolu . 33800 Yenice / Mersin

On arrival you will acquire a Student Card provided by Çağ University Students’ Affairs Office.

You  will be informed of the schedules of the courses.

If you want to change your LA on arrival you should contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the University

Please be sure the information about ESNÇAĞ .  

FORM: Application Form 

FORM: Learning Agreement for Studies



Çağ Üniversitesi Erasmus Öğrenci Ağı (ESN) Etkinlikleri İçin Tıklayınız
Çağ Üniversitesi Erasmus Öğrenci Ağı (ESN) Etkinlikleri İçin Tıklayınız