Preparatory School



The mission of Çağ University Preparatory School is to provide sufficient English Language Education to incoming students so that they can follow the courses taught in English in their departments.


The aim of Çağ university Preparatory school is to provide English education to incoming students.

Students are required to take a proficiency exam to test whether their English is sufficient enough to begin their regular courses. The students who score at least 70 out of 100 in this exam will immediately be able to begin their courses at the faculties they have enrolled in.

Students with insufficient English are required to take a placement test to determine their level of English. They are placed in a level accordingly. Once their level is determined, they begin the English preparatory education in classes of fifteen to twenty-five students each.

The levels, weekly and total course hours are as follows;

                Levels                                   Weekly hours                   Total hours

                A1                                          28 hours                             896 hours

                A2                                          26 hours                             832 hours

                B1                                           24 hours                            768 hours

Progression from one level to another

Progress tests are given at the end of each level and students scoring an average of minimum 50 out of a 100 continue in the following level. The students whose grades are under 50 are given extra work to make up for the parts they are unable to do.

During the first semester of the 32-week English Language Education, listening, reading, speaking, and writing exercises are employed so as to make the students understand what is listened to and read, moreover, to provide them with the skills to express their thoughts in written and oral form.

During the second semester, in addition to skills mentioned above, ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses are given by the Preparatory School. The aim of these courses is to teach the words and phrases that the students are likely to come across in their courses during their junior year. As the medium of instruction for the departmental courses is in English, the ESP courses provide a basis for them. For this purpose, lecturers from the departments lecture in the preparatory classes periodically. In this way, they help preparatory school lecturers prepare the students and also they become familiar with the lecturers of their future departments. ESP materials are prepared by the Preparatory School after taking the opinions of the department representatives in accordance with the needs analysis.

To teach the English Language more effectively, approximately 25% of the lecturers in the preparatory school are native English speakers. In this way, the preparatory students are able to practice what they learn, in class and outside of class.