Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Dear colleague candidates,

Welcome to the Turkish Language and Literature Program of our Çağ University, which is the first Foundation University of Southern Anatolia with a reputable past of nearly a quarter of a century. During the four-year undergraduate period, you will learn about folklore as well as distinguished writers and works of Turkish language and literature, which is considered one of the most rooted, richest languages ​​and literatures in the world as well as a social, vibrant and changeable phenomenon. In the context of our understanding of education and training, our primary goal is you who are knowledgeable, who love to read, who can understand and analyze the works and texts they read, have a developed interpretation power, compliant, participatory, able to think freely, be responsible, self-confident, questioning and give the necessary answers to the questions asked; at the same time, it is to encourage you to grow up as individuals who stand out with their good ethics and hard work and who are loyal to our civilization values. In order to reach our high ideal in raising language awareness in our country, we need moral support, positive and constructive approaches, sensitive and attentive coordination, common understanding and labor-intensive work rather than money and financial opportunities. You have to be an attraction point in the middle of the love ball of Turkish Language and Literature. I firmly believe that these formal tangles that will be intertwined with each other will constitute the focal point of mutual interaction, from Folk Turkish to official Turkish used by the public. In the context of protecting our language from the influence of foreign languages, it is not possible for us to achieve success without such a tight and effective cooperation and adopting a common and determined attitude. My advice to you is to try to earn attainments that will make you feel well-equipped in Turkish Language and Literature, rather than being an ordinary graduate. In this context, I believe that it will be beneficial for you to attend scientific festivals such as conferences, congresses, panels and symposiums, which are held by our universities and non-governmental organizations in our university, which offers quite a wealth of options, and in two distinguished cities such as Adana and Mersin. The vast majority of these are carried out in the activities of the Turcology Studies Application and Research Center (ÇAĞTAM) within our university and student clubs and societies supported by our program. Therefore, your participation in these activities will contribute to you and open new horizons in front of you. Again, let's not forget that the way to a successful education and training is through fulfilling our responsibilities as our academic staff and your sincere efforts for this purpose. On this occasion, I wish your love of language and literature, which I consider to be an important factor in choosing our program, to continue increasingly, and that your love of research, learning and teaching will never end. Morever, I fully believe that you will be a pioneer with your original work in our field from now on. In addition, in your works, I would like to ask you to take the awareness that no one will be able to open our relations with our ancestors and break our ties with our parents. It is our most natural ideal to understand our Atatürk, shout and walk on the path he has shown. "

Head of Turkish Language and Literature Department

Prof. Dr. Sevin ARSLAN